The most expensive India, Ink., post of 2008?

Cash Register

Typographica has posted its fourth annual Favorite Typefaces collection, and for possibly the first time ever, I already own one of the chosen few: Leitura, which I purchased last summer during Dino dos Santos’s krazy half-price sale and even actually used for a project. The other winning typefaces that I covet most fervently are Feijoa and FF Meta Serif, as well as Minuscule and National.

From the honorable mention list, I’ve got itchy add-to-cart fingers over Chronicle, Karmina, Declaration Pro, and Parcel.

Which typefaces strike your fancy?

Photo: register 004 by dogwelder / Luke Gattuso; some rights reserved.

Do you feel lucky?

raffle ticket of the beast

If so, you might want to go buy a raffle ticket at Clusterflock, a scintillating group blog where I have occasionally been known to talk some trash. What’s being raffled?

iPhones, baby, iPhones.

You know you want one.

All the money received will be disbursed in the form of iPhones—with recipients to be chosen at random by celebrity random-name-chooser Jason Kottke—or will go to charity. So the more $20 tickets get bought, the more $499 phones get given away. Your chance of winning is therefore pretty close to 1 in 25, unless I’m really bad at math. (Which I am, by the way, so work it out for yourself; you may use a separate sheet of paper; I’ll wait. Correct me in the comments if I’m being totally stupid.) The no doubt exorbitant monthly service plan will, of course, be solely your problem.

The deadline for buying raffle tickets is noon CST (that’s Dallas time, y’all?) on June 26. Winners will be announced on June 27.

Photo: raffle ticket of the beast by squacco; some rights reserved.