8 thoughts on “Aqua, please.

  1. Hehe. Well that is one thing I’m not getting. I wake up by the click the alarm clock makes just before the alarm kicks in, and that thing would probably send me to an early grave if it got away and started rolling around on the floor. I hate the sound of alarm clocks more than getting up …

  2. I hate the sound of the alarm, too, but that’s just led to my becoming very good at turning it off instantly. Every weekday morning, I hit snooze at least three times; sometimes five or six. I hate that I do this. The sleep I get in those ten-minute chunks is worthless. But I just can’t get out of bed.

    In high school, I placed my alarm clock on a dresser near the foot of the bed, which I thought was far enough away that I would have to get up to turn it off. Because once you’re up, the hard work is done. But I quickly learned that I could still reach it, if I stretched out quite far. So one morning I tried to swipe at the alarm clock without getting out of bed, missed, and whacked my head on the corner of the dresser. I had to get a couple of stitches, and I still have the scar in my eyebrow, permanent proof that I am Not a Morning Person.

  3. I’ve had my snooze-phase too. It didn’t work for me. As you say, the sleep you get is worthless. Have you considered this? I’m guessing that could work too?

  4. That Blowfly one is crazy. . .like catching the Golden Snitch to get the durned thing to shut off.

    Of course, I must set my alarm 40 minutes before I intend to wake up to get all my snooze in. . .


  5. I’ll have you know that this morning I didn’t hit snooze even once.

    Nope, I turned the alarm off, instead. And then lay there for a while, just, you know, to rest.

    And then fell back asleep.

    Only for fifteen minutes, though.

  6. “• Can jump from up to 3 feet” I missed the all-important “from” in that line of copy the first time I read it. Duuude.

    My other (imaginary) Clocky hack would replace the beep alarm with the Z Morning Crew (every FM broadcast has one, or 12) or perhaps some repellant right-wing radio teaser ads. Then, to make up for listening to that kind of horribleness first thing in the morning, Clocky could play Victory Music when you caught it. Python’s “Always Look On the Bright Side of Life”, Pixies’ “Dig for Fire”, &c.

    Also it would dispense tea and smell like baked bread. Maybe follow you to work and around town like the Red Balloon. []o==o[]

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