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Best Stories of the American West

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half-title page title page copyright pages dedication editor's note table of contents story opener text spread poetry

Beyond the Gap

Beyond the Gap, title spread Beyond the Gap, recto chapter opener Beyond the Gap, text spread Beyond the Gap, verso chapter opener

The Boys of Everest

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Boys of Everest - chapter opener Boys of Everest - part opener Boys of Everest - spread with bitchen photo


Falling, page 1 Falling, pages 2-3 Falling, page 5 Falling, page 7 Falling, spread

A Grief Like No Other

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A Grief Like No Other, p. v A Grief Like No Other, p. xi A Grief Like No Other, p. 1 A Grief Like No Other, p. 3 A Grief Like No Other, p. 55

Hip-Hop, Inc.

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Hip-Hop, Inc., page vii Hip-Hop, Inc., pp. 38-39 Hip-Hop, Inc., page 66 Hip-Hop, Inc., page 76


Jesus, epigraphs Jesus, front-matter opener Jesus, spread

The Puzzler’s Elusion

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Puzzler's Elusion, pp. 30-31 Puzzler, page 47 Puzzler, page 87 Puzzler, page 103 Puzzler, page 106 Puzzler spread, pages 190-191