Occasionally Asked Questions

Is India your real name?
Yes. I’m named after my grandmother. It’s an old-fashioned Southern (U.S.) name. Grandma had at least two friends who shared her name, so it was like the “Jennifer” of the nineteen-oughts in Atlanta. In Gone with the Wind, Ashley Wilkes’s sister is named India; if I recall correctly, she doesn’t have much of a role in the movie, but in the book she’s rather unpleasant.
Are you from India?
No. I am a native New Yorker.
Are you Indian?
Like many persons of African descent in the U.S., I am a mix. The parts we know about for sure are Russian, Hungarian, Irish, Norwegian, and Native American (maybe Seminole?). In a word, American. My mother’s maternal grandmother did look very Native American, but, no, I’m not Indian in any way that explains my name in the slightest.
Have you ever been to India?
Nope. I have great affection for the country as a source of brilliance, beauty, fine cuisine, fun movies, and mangoes mangoes mangoes, but I have not visited and obviously never can do so because I would spend three-quarters of my trip trying to explain my name.
Is “Amos” pronounced “EY-mis” or “AH-mos”?
We call ourselves “EY-mis,” but with a name like mine, you learn to answer to pretty much anything.
Are you related to Famous Amos?
Yes, actually. Distantly.
So…what does one do, exactly, designing book interiors? Does one pick the fonts?
Yep, that’s all there is to it. Your cat could do it.
Your site seems mostly to be about book design, but sometimes you post stuff about editing and Web development. Are you a Web developer, or a designer, or an editor?
Um. Yes and no.
Do you design book covers?
I’m primarily a text designer, but yes, I have done some covers.
How can I get in touch with you?
Through the contact page, of course.
I posted a comment. Why didn’t it show up?
I moderate comments somewhat, so it may be stuck in the approval queue. Or I may have trashed it. Have you read the comment policy?