The most expensive India, Ink., post of 2008?

Cash Register

Typographica has posted its fourth annual Favorite Typefaces collection, and for possibly the first time ever, I already own one of the chosen few: Leitura, which I purchased last summer during Dino dos Santos’s krazy half-price sale and even actually used for a project. The other winning typefaces that I covet most fervently are Feijoa and FF Meta Serif, as well as Minuscule and National.

From the honorable mention list, I’ve got itchy add-to-cart fingers over Chronicle, Karmina, Declaration Pro, and Parcel.

Which typefaces strike your fancy?

Photo: register 004 by dogwelder / Luke Gattuso; some rights reserved.

5 thoughts on “The most expensive India, Ink., post of 2008?

  1. I might have found uses for those when I worked for Tor/Forge, but nowadays, not so much.

    I need to think of some kind of ongoing vanity project I can undertake to employ all these typefaces I keep buying. Hmm . . .

  2. Damn. Seems like we oughta be able to bonk our heads together and come up with something. And, like, somebody would come along and pay us for it, right?

  3. I would love to work somewhere where the font library is current. Currently the place I am employed at trashed their entire font library because apparently we owned none of them…you open the W folder, and all that exists in there is Woodtype Orns…

    No more Waldbaum for me.

    I agree about Minuscule…looks like a great option for a new text face, especially for large leading in a magazine, good for that bold type negative spacing aesthetic. Im thinking 10/16 or so…

    Leitura….Im going to agree with all your prefs. I will further ad FAB is less than the name it is to live up to…. Im not a fan of these “types” of fonts…

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