The rock I've been under

view from under a rock

In case you’re wondering where in tarnation I’ve been, the answer is “chained to my desk.” Man, this whole “job” thing is really cutting into my blogging time.

For a while there, I was cranking out a shocking quantity of ads and posters and booklets and thumbnails and Quicktime clips. Now our two “festivals of ideas” are behind us, and the website redesign has finally gone live, and I’ve been settling down to trying to make reasonably attractive images for the new home page—they’re much larger than they used to be, which makes my job simultaneously easier and more difficult. (I can’t work around totally crap images as easily, but I also don’t have to crop good images in painful ways to fit a cramped horizontal slot.)

Some tools I’ve been leaning on lately:

I’m sure there are more gadgets I’ve forgotten, but these are the first that come to mind.

Also: bless ye, all Flickr users who not only offer Creative Commons licenses allowing others to share and remix, but who also tag your photos. There is some great stuff on Flickr, and my job would be absolutely impossible if it weren’t for youse guys.

Photo: Pinnacles-30 by Ken Conley; some rights reserved.

11 thoughts on “The rock I've been under

  1. You could make a little javascript searchlet for your menu bar that had the CC settings already built in. I don’t know if your comments form will strip out the script but here goes:

    javascript:void(q=prompt('Flickr Tags CC Search:',''));if(q) void(location.href=' ?m=tags&l=cc&ct=0&q='+escape(q))
  2. And what you’ll want to do with that is copy some ordinary bookmark to your bookmarks bar, rename it FlickrCCSearch and paste that javascript junk into the place where the http://blahblahblah would go. Voila.

  3. Thanks, Brian! But it’s not working for me. A prompt pops down, but when I type “kittens” in the box, it just takes me to the non-advanced, blank Flickr search form. Okay, now I’ve got it working. Cool!

  4. Okay, I changed it to find photos that are okay to modify, adapt, or build upon, with safe search on “moderate” and full-text search turned on:

    javascript:void(q=prompt('Flickr Tags CC Search:','')); if(q)void(location.href=' ?m=text&l=deriv&ss=1&ct=0&q='+escape(q))

    Internet people are the best people!

  5. Off subject… but I love that you’re using Fedra in your website design! I love that typeface and it always jumps out at me when I see it, rare as that may be.

  6. Yah, that would be Winterhouse’s doing. Fonts, colors, layout—all theirs. All’s I do is make the pictures pretty.

    I like Fedra, for the most part, but not the display weights, and the kerning is w e i r d. Then again, I may be using a weird version. We’ve got a mishmash of PS and OT files, and I had to toss a lot of duplicates when the designers first sent the files to me.

    I’d like Fedra better in the Web context if we were using sIFR instead of a zillion !@#$% gifs. But there’s not one square inch of the site that validates as anything other than FUBAR 1.1, so I guess that couldn’t be less relevant.

  7. sIFR! Holy shizzam. That’s cool, I didn’t that was out there! Thanks, India Amos. The timing is really good because I was just fussing with my WordPress site and trying to figure out how to use this typeface for the headings.

    Although there is something slightly funky about their sample page. It makes you realize that there really are typefaces designed specifically for the screen… Either that or it has something to do with how the fonts are rendered via sIFR. They seem a little bit choppy on this page.

  8. Thanks, Tom. I’ve been trying to, you know, art direct a bit around here, both to get more practice and to make up for the ever-shortening list of “in progress” thumbnails on the sidebar.

  9. Here’s the August 2013 version of this bookmarklet, updated for the (horrible) new Flickr:

    javascript:void(q=prompt('Flickr Tags CC Search:','')); if(q)void(location.href=''+escape(q))

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