Thank you, Microsoft!

Now I will never have to buy any of your products again!

The latest issue of Editorium Update has arrived, and Jack Lyon reports the following:

Word 2008, for Macintosh, isn’t out yet but will be later this year:

Like Word 2007 for Windows, it will feature the Ribbon interface, with all of the drawbacks I discussed in the previous newsletter:

But there’s one more drawback that will be utterly devastating: No more recording, programming, or even running of macros.

(hysterical emphasis mine)

No macros.

No. Macros. At all.

According to this Macworld article, you’ll be able to do macro-type-things using Applescript and Automator and whatever—I confess that I have not tried to wrap my head around that stuff at all yet; go ahead; suspend my Geek license—but if I have to write my own scripts, why the fuck would I write them to control Word? If I’m going to put that kind of effort into something, obviously it would make more sense to trick out a free word processor than a piece of overpriced bloatware from a company that has demonstrated time and time again that it doesn’t want my business.


3 thoughts on “Thank you, Microsoft!

  1. I already decided that when I get a laptop this year, I am going totally hardcore OPEN SOURCE. Whole shebang. I can’t stand the idea of Vista, or updated versions of Word and everything else. OpenOffice, here I come. Ubuntu, I am yours.

  2. There are a lot of advantages w/Open Office and one is conserving HD space. MS Office sucks up soooo much space. I had to install it for my daughter for school reasons, but our bookstore computer has been using Open Office for a year. I have played with Nvu as I half-assedly try to learn web design, India–any opinion? This seems such a logical solution…therein lies the flaw perhaps? Too good to be true?

  3. I know nothing about Nvu—never touched it—though I suppose I should consider trying that out at work. I’ll be getting both Dreamweaver and GoLive as part of Adobe Creative Suite, but I’ve never used either one and have always had a kneejerk dislike of Dreamweaver. Back in the old days, it seemed to be the tool of choice of a lot of people who had no clue what they were doing; I’m sure that’s changed. Sure-ish, at least.

    The last time I managed a Web site, both it and I were on Windows, and I worked in HomeSite. It overpressed my computer’s memory a bit, and the built-in FTP stopped working for some reason we could never figure out, but it had good support for ColdFusion, which was relevant at the time.

    When I left that job I bought my first Mac, and since then, for what little HTML I’ve tinkered with, I’ve used BBEdit—so that’s what I put on my wish list for work. But I’m not in love with it; it can do a lot of excellent things, but there’s some right nastiness in the user interface. I’ve been meaning to try TextMate, since Rands and his colleagues are so hot for it:

    The buzz around TextMate started many months ago, but it’s when folks started to ask me to order it that I started to pay attention. There is no copy protection known to man that any bright engineer can’t circumvent, so when an engineer asks you to purchase the software they’re saying, “This is the shit. We should pay these guys for this fine piece of work.”

    Anybody else have software suggestions? I spent an hour or so tricking out Firefox with web development–related extensions last week, but I haven’t had a chance to really work with them yet. l should give this stuff its own post, I suppose.

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