Mac-based Webheads: What tools do you use?

Bridget got me rambling about Web development tools on another thread, and now I’m wondering what the kids are using to write their Web sites these days. Over there, we mentioned Nvu, Dreamweaver, GoLive, BBEdit, and TextMate.

I use BBEdit myself, but it’s kind of pricey and I’m not a big fan of the user interface (though I haven’t upgraded to the latest version, on which the interface may finally be better; I’m just sick of paying for upgrades all the time). I’d probably prefer a dedicated Web editor, but nothing that offers only WYSIWYG. (I have never met a WYSIWYG editor that generated code I would use on my dog’s site. If I had a dog.) Suggestions?

Also, for those of you who use Firefox and have tricked it out with Web development–related extensions, bookmarklets, and Greasemonkey scripts, what accoutrements are you sporting? Continue reading “Mac-based Webheads: What tools do you use?”