One thought on “Bookuleles

  1. I know!

    There’s a new book out called 500 Handmade Books, which is excellent apart from two quibbles:

    1. some contributors really do themselves a disservice by sending in bad photographs of their own work, taken with their own digicams in bad light and/or submitting them at web resolution. Mind you, the publishers are also at fault for not only using these images but for resizing them so that the fault are accentuated…

    2. There are umpteen shots of these uke books, yet only one book per other contributor. Donna and Peter must have been mates of the author.

    The Thomases make cutesy books, but in their defense, they are FABULOUS teachers. I just bought their More Making Books by Hand, not so much for the book ideas, but for the first 55 pages of basic instructions for everything from paper grain through to how to fold a concertina and what tools to collect. Extremely useful and easy to follow.

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