4 thoughts on “Making trees’ deaths worthwhile, since 1972

  1. Look what you gone and done, India. You got me thinking. You got me thinking once more about going to school.

    Every now and then I toy with the thoroughly impractical notion of pursuing an MFA through the Interdisciplinary Book and Papers Arts Program at Chicago’s Columbia College (where Kellar has taught advanced bookbinding classes). And now I’m doing it again.

    I will die a pauper and be buried in Potter’s Field.

  2. I like the idea of styling myself an ’emerging’ book artist. Yes, that’s a hanging noose loose enough to slip my neck into.

  3. You aren’t kidding! I’ve read Njal’s Saga and that is such a great binding for it! Of course, I can also see it with images that evoke the poetry: the white of the snow, the black of the ravens, the red of the blood…

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