For anyone else who ever wondered

The Chicago Manual of Style, 15th Edition. Nerd!

So I was trying to find an example of a paragraph-styled bibliography in the Chicago Manual when I had one of those irrelevant thoughts that so often interrupt my work: “I wonder if, using the magic of the internet, I could find out what books these sample pages are from?”

Languagehat: Fun with the Chicago Manual.

(Via Margaret‘s del.icio.usness)

Photo: my favorite corner by limonada / Emilie Eagan; some rights reserved.

One thought on “For anyone else who ever wondered

  1. The chair matches the Chicago Manual‘s color quite nicely!

    When I worked at a psychology press, my fellow production editors and I would page through new releases of the American Psychological Association Style Manual for sample references to our company’s books. Talmudic debate of the APA’s latest changes to reference styling and statistical abbreviations would follow. (The shift from subjects to participants as the APA-preferred way to refer to the sample populations of psych studies was one discussion I still recall.) Ahhh, I miss those days.

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