5 thoughts on “Join the Semicolon Appreciation Society; look sharp.

  1. I can’t believe it, I’m already the laughing stock of punctuation. I’m used to denote a problem with something or to highlight an error or misused completely and do I have a shirt—NO I DON’T. Sure the question mark and the exclamation mark and the period don’t care because they are used all the time. Do you know how hard it is to hold down the shift key and press the number 8? Do you? Now stop this nonsense and give me some face time or I’ll fade away and you will be forced to use that stupid carat symbol.

    Signed, ASTERISK

  2. But *, you have the honor of filling up every password field on the whole wide Internet!

    Meanwhile, Mr. Caret IM’d and wants to know why, after decades of living just two keys away from him, you still can’t spell his name. Also, keep your goddamn kids off his lawn.

  3. You can tell Caret to go to hell–I misspelled his name on purpose because I hate him–he is so smug with his perfect little point. And yes, I get to fill up passwords but don’t forget, I’m also used as a substitute for “u” and other letters in bad words so that people can still say them without having their posts deleted. How humiliating is that?

    As for my kids, I can’t control them, they love sliding down Caret’s little slopes–he’s not their father you know.


  4. Those semi-colon’s get all the attention; what about those slippery apostrophe’s? Some are straight, some are curly, but they’re all capable of horrible thing’s.

    Remedy: Join the Apostrophe Protection Society in London UK:



  5. John Tranter! ’Welcome!’

    Meanwhile, re the design of the Apostrophe Protection Society’s website, Holy FrontPage, Batman! Remember when the entire Interweb looked like that? Dang.

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