Baby's First Commissioned Illustration home page, May 22, 2007

After all my whining and demanding of assistance, I’m sure you’ll be relieved to know that I finally commissioned my first illustration, and it is now online, live, in brilliant RGB:

This hot, hot pixel-on-screen action was produced by the multitalented and genial Aaron Artessa, whom I met at the club. It’ll be on the home page for only one week, so see it in its glory while you can. Next Tuesday, it will be replaced by the fruit of my second go at working with an illustrator.

4 thoughts on “Baby's First Commissioned Illustration

  1. Thanks, y’all.

    Actually, the featured story normally changes almost daily, with a podcast on Monday, miscellaneous articles on Tuesday and Wednesday, and a column on Thursday. Occasionally we post an article on Friday, as well.

    We just happened to luck out with the timing of this one: because our office will be closed for Shavuot and Memorial Day, there will be no new story posted until next Tuesday. However, that one may only stay in the prime spot until Thursday, when a new column will go up. We’ll see, though—we don’t have to turn the feature spot over so often, and lately we’ve been leaving big stories up for days at a time. Theoretically, our content management system allows us to feature more than one story at a time, as I can run two images side by side, filling that blue box as well.

    Most of the images we use will continue to be photos—they’re a lot cheaper than illustrations, especially when I find them on Flickr—so after next week’s illo, you probably won’t see another drawing for a couple of weeks. There are three more in the works, though, as well as a three-page comic by Vanessa Davis (which is a reprint, not a commissioned piece, but I don’t think it was widely seen in its print form).

  2. […] and whom we feature pretty often, so I asked the valiant Aaron Artessa, who made such a lovely silk purse out of the sow’s-ear photos I sent him of Leonard Michaels, to draw us a grumpy illustration […]

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