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A client just asked me, so now I’m asking youse:

[We] are looking for a free way to get an ftp site so we can get some huge images sent to us over the Internet. . . . do you have any recommendations? When I do a Google search, of course many options come up, but we thought maybe you’d know of a particularly reliable or reputable service.

What I said:

I don’t know of any free FTP services, but I do use web-based file transfer sites pretty often:,, Most of those are good for up to 1 GB for free; you can transfer bigger files for a monthly fee.

You’ve probably got some FTP space included with [your] website hosting package or e-mail account, but check the size and bandwidth limits—it may be too expensive to use for anything other than web stuff.

There’s also a service called BoxCloud that I haven’t tried; I think it’s basically peer-to-peer file sharing.

What do you recommend?

Photo: cp 2533-2, “Pack mule carrying medical and surgical chests (side view). Contributed by San Francisco Hospital Corps, 1902. Selected by Scott.” Posted by staff of the Otis Historical Archives National Museum of Health & Medicine. Some rights reserved.

8 thoughts on “Free & Cheap File Transfer

  1. No further recommendations, but a thank-you for the options. I’m guessing Optonline/Cablevision does allot me some space, but having a 3rd-party provider allows me flexibility in case someone at Cablevision kicks the Big Plug out of the wall.

  2. Someone sent me something via YouSendIt one time — it was a bit irritating at first (registration, verification email links, blah blah blah) but not much more so than registering to read a news article. It worked. It was mostly for their benefit — I could receive the large attachments, they just couldn’t send them. shrug

  3. Yes, I’ve stopped using YouSendIt to lob files to anyone besides myself, because they now make you register, and because they e-mail me too much, but I used to use it a lot more. Now senduit is my first choice, for its lack of annoyingness.

  4. looks like has been dead for a few days now. Wonder if it will ever come back….

  5. I actually have an FTP server set up at my house which I use to send stuff back and forth when I’m in a jam but it’s rather slow due to the Cable connection. If you are feeling flush and what not get a FiOS connection; word on the street is that you can start jetting stuff back and forth in almost real time!

    But usually when I have to send files to China or wherever and the language barrier gets in the way of my explaining things I stick with

    Good luck!

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