Now roosting with a flock near you

You may have noticed that I’ve been doing a lot of linking to posts over at the clusterflock MMGB. Well, rather like when the owners of the candy store that I used to visit every day on my way home from junior high school offered me a job, finally (I declined, on health grounds), the friendly people at clusterflock have offered me a spot. I accepted on the condition that I not be expected to actually post anything new—I was told I could just cross-post content from here—but already today I’ve posted three entries, none of which is book-related.

So if you want more of the incredibly fascinating India Amos™ Experience, you’ll have to go over there. Which you should do anyway, because there are lots of clever, funny people in the flock, and it’s become one of my favorite blogs.

(Before I started posting there, I mean.)

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