Typographic Trivia

Here’s a little article that I must have read before—as I converted it from HTML to XHTML for John six or seven years ago—but had entirely forgotten. If you enjoy typographic trivia—and who doesn’t?—it may be just the lazy holiday afternoon silliness for you: Lost Things in the Garden of Type by John Tranter, 1997.


  1. I can never keep Janson, based on type cut by Nicholas Kis, and Jenson, based on Nicolas Jenson’s roman and Ludovico degli Arrighi’s italic, straight in my head, though I know that one is plain and straightforward, while the other is foofy. I’ve never designed a book in Janson (though I’ve handled it when setting other people’s designs), but I used Adobe Jenson Pro for the subtle jubilat redesign (to replace the PostScript version of Centaur MT, which is based on the same originals). It’s also the face I used for that grief book.
  2. I don’t think I’ve ever known until just now that Bell is totally unrelated to Bell Gothic and Bell Centennial. Not that I’ve ever tried to mix them, but I might have at some point. Phew!

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