Font Consultant to the Stars Star Trek

Enterprise by House Industries

My former colleague Lawrence Levi, of Looker and The Breadline, reports that “the new Star Trek movie‘s final credit . . . is for FONT CONSULTANT. Yup. He’s Richard Massey, . . . who was part of the initial design team of Cabinet magazine.” Lawrence then directs our attention to “an outraged design blogger, the only person who seems to have noticed this quirky credit”: Blogging via Typewriter.

I know nothing whatsoever about the man, but it’s funny if it’s true.

2 thoughts on “Font Consultant to the Stars Star Trek

  1. Hilarious. Screen credit for a handful of typefaces that almost any designer over a certain age would already know by heart. If true, it suggests that the Abrams design team, while determined to maintain awareness of their predecessors, were somehow prevented from consulting any of them.

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