“artistic standard designs, fit for a palace”

Greybean Ulysses page spreads

Jonathan McNicol clearly does not have enough to do. To stay out of trouble, he’s started typesetting a free Greybean edition of James Joyce’s Ulysses, pages of which he expects to be posting daily until some time in October.

This kind of fits in with something Margaret, Shelby, and I were talking about doing last year. Maybe we should get off our butts and do that . . .

3 thoughts on ““artistic standard designs, fit for a palace”

  1. I really don’t have enough to do. You’re not wrong.

    Which is why it pisses me off how all the days feel too short.

    Or maybe that’s me. Maybe I feel too short.

    I get those things mixed up.

  2. Happy Bloomsday. I love your blog, which I’ve now been lurking (usage?) for a couple of years. I wanted to say I am passing this Ulysses link along to people who have been posting Bloomsday bests on Facebook, hopefully not out of bounds on this linkage. What a great idea and execution, this serial.

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