Am I going blind?

Happy New Year! Here’s my first lazyweb request of 2009:

guides in Photoshop CS4

Can you see the guides in this screenshot? How about the control points on the path? Because I can’t, and it’s making me nuts. Something about the display of guides has changed between Photoshop CS3 and CS4, and I can’t find any way to adjust it.

Here’s what the same file looks like at the same zoom level in CS3:

guides in Photoshop CS3

Is anybody else having this problem? Am I missing something really obvious?

Update: Solved!

Okay, somebody on the forums pointed out an earlier thread that I’d missed—Guides in CS4. The fix is to uncheck “Enable OpenGL Drawing” in Photoshop’s preferences.

Enable OpenGL Drawing

God only knows what other fabulous features unchecking that box disables, but I can’t work without guides and paths, so . . .

Seems to me like this qualifies as a bug. What do you think? Is it specific to the setup I have, because I don’t have a real graphics card? I’m on a 2.4 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo MacBook with the Intel GMA X3100 video whatsit, and the other person having this problem was also using a MacBook.

2 thoughts on “Am I going blind?

  1. Yeah, that was my guess, too. But why? And is there some way to turn it off? I’m not finding anything in the help system, or on the Adobe forums. Nobody else seems to even be complaining about it, which makes me think it’s some crazy setting on my computer alone.

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