Patience is bitter, but its fruit extremely sweet.

heart-shaped cakes

The production editors notes are in grey pencil, the copy editor’s in red, and mine in purple.

It is at this point of the book production that I start to imagine opening the window and jumping out.

Awesome cookbook author Rose Levy Beranbaum (The! Cake! Bible!) describes one of her least favorite stages in the making of a cookbook: Book Production Phase 6 Copy Editing. Notable for the all-too-rare shout-out to her production team:

I feel doubly blessed to have the support and encouragement of Ava Wilder, head of production at Wiley who cares so much about all these details. And triply blessed to have Deborah Weiss Geline as the most amazing copy editor of all time.

Sing it, sister! Poorly copyedited cookbooks can waste not only trees and time, but also chocolate. [Shudder]

Photo: Valentine’s Cakes at Pasticceria Gelateria Italiana by LexnGer / Lex; some rights reserved.

2 thoughts on “Patience is bitter, but its fruit extremely sweet.

  1. The illustration on Beranbaum’s page makes me nostalgic for my colored-pencil copyediting days. Riiiiight up to the point where I might ever have to edit another 4 x 6 page, taped-together MS collage comprising a massive psychological table destined to span eight typeset turn-pages. Then it’s straight on to the efficient one-two punch of Word and InDesign.

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