4 thoughts on “Michael Bierut on Picking the Font

  1. Howdy, neighbor!

    I developed a not-so-mild obsession with Waffle House signs in 1991, when I drove across the country with a friend. When I finally developed the many rolls of film, people were all like, “Why is there a Waffle House sign in the background of every photo?” I think I like them because they look like Scrabble tiles.

    Or maybe I just like waffles.

  2. My best friend drove around the U.S. in the summer after he graduated from college. He sent some funny postcards, but the most priceless document he created was a tape log between himself and his traveling partner. I had given him Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas to enjoy on the ride, and Thompson’s warped mission blended in my friend’s head with the ongoing ’92 presidential turbulence to make for one series of crazed recordings.

  3. My parents had given me a video camera for graduation from college, and we shot a tape or two during our trip. Tapes that I never transferred to regular VHS (they were on those mini cartridges), and that I think I mistakenly included with the camera when I bartered it for a sewing machine a few months later. So, no video of the trip.

    Our recordings weren’t all that crazy, anyway, as I recall, except the part where we came upon some guys playing militia games with a camouflage-clad dummy in Tennessee. We got the hell out of there, thank you very much.

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