A satisfied customer!

So yesterday afternoon I submitted sample pages for that puzzle book, and today I received an e-mail from the publisher saying the “design is drop-dead gorgeous . . . I think it’s lovely.” The author hasn’t seen it, though, and I had some queries about structural issues, so there may yet be changes. But I’ll […]

Math into Type

Maybe I should put some tape on the bridge of my glasses for this post, just as a precaution. At my day job, I’m trying to come up for an interior design for this kind of freaky novel about puzzles. Or, rather, it’s a novel that is a puzzle. Or something like that. Each chapter […]

Recommended: Editor's Toolkit Plus

About four years ago, when I was living entirely off my freelance editorial income (which is to say, when I was living off my savings), I spent a month or two trying to keep up with the discussions at Copyediting-L. And while regularly reading this very busy listserv may cause insanity, I do still recommend […]

Indexes, indices, indixes

Okay, first off, here are the last two books I’ll ever index: These happen also to be the only two books I’ve indexed. Professional indexers are special people, and I am not that kind of special. Trivia: Appeal to Reason, most of which I also typeset and the copyediting of which I supervised, had the […]

Hello, World

I’m launching this blog as a place to post work-related stuff. It’ll mostly serve as an online portfolio so that when people Google me, they won’t just get hits that are seven or eight years old, but I promise also to post things of (slightly) more general interest–tools I’m using, design or reference books I’m […]