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you probably already know that I’m a New Yawker and a “[b]ook geek, cakeatarian, [and] aggressive blocker of spammy followers.” What you may not know is that even when not limited to 140 characters, I hate writing bios of myself.

You might want to also know, though, that in July 2014 I joined Amplify Learning in Brooklyn as the senior content producer for EPUBs. Before that, I was managing editor of print and digital production at CN Times Books, the U.S. subsidiary of Beijing MediaTime Book Co. Just before I left there, I did a webinar for Bowker on book production for self- and independent publishers. And before that, for a little over two years, I worked at F+W Media as “Digital Production ePub QA Associate,” and then as “eBook Developer” (I disapprove of the camel-casing in both of these titles), fixing e-books, writing documentation, and suchlike. In that capacity, I was one of four presenters at a workshop on e-book production at the 2013 Digital Book World conference, which is an F+W joint; my segment was on the whys and hows of e-book QA.

[If you prefer to read this kind of junk in less discursive format, you can find that at linkedin.com/in/indiamos. Note that I generally don’t connect with people there unless I know them already in some way.]

From 2008 to 2010, I attended the Interactive Telecommunications master’s degree program (ITP) at New York University; I left with two incompletes and a metric shitload of student loan debt. In general, the less said about all of that, the better, but if you’re afflicted with morbid curiosity, you can watch or read a transcript of my thesis presentation in this blog post: The India, Ink. comedy show. If you are contemplating attending grad school yourself, and are not doing so while sipping champagne atop your own twenty-foot-high heap of winking jewels and shiny gold coins, maybe check out this book first: Don’t Go Back to School by Kio Stark.

Before grad school, I was art director at Nextbook (now Tablet magazine), a senior designer at St. Martin’s Press (where I designed book interiors solely for Tor/Forge Books) and Neuwirth & Associates, and managing editor of Seven Stories Press and PEN America, the literary journal of PEN American Center. From 1999 to 2001 I was webmaster of poets.org, the website of the Academy of American Poets, and for the three preceding years I was a program associate there, managing poetry awards and designing the quarterly journal. From 1994 to 1996, I was a program coordinator at PEN American Center, directing the visiting writers program and administering emergency funds to writers in need. I also worked, millions of years ago but still somewhat relevantly, at Tower Books in Sacramento and Seattle, and I spent some time blissfully shelving at my college library.

Obviously, I look fucking FANTASTIC for my age. Thank you for the genes, Mom.

I often perform freelance e-book production, book design, typesetting, editorial work (mostly pro0fread1ng), and Web stuff. If you need something text-related done, I may be your woman. I can also eat cake, or sit on/in a porch, patio, lawn, balcony, terrace, piazza, or gazebo and drink cocktails, if you need someone to do either of those things for you. I might perform the latter tasks pro bono.

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—Ampersand (left) and Interrobang (right), whose misdeeds are catalogued at @catcrimeblotter.

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