Note to Self: Transcribing Podcasts

Note to Self: Transcribing Podcasts

I’ve been listening to a lot of podcasts lately, and I wanted to try making transcripts of one series, because, well, podcasts are a terrible way to store any information that you actually want to retrieve. And then a friend on Twitter was lamenting about how the process of transcription sucks, and another Twitter friend […]

One hour and eleven minutes of me trying not to swear

The awesome Laura Dawson invited me to do a webinar on the basics of book design, as part of a series for Bowker’s Our kindly hosts/co-presenters at Data Conversion Laboratory have posted a video of the session, so now you can follow along with bated breath as I try to remember not to say […]

The India, Ink. comedy show

[ Javascript required to view QuickTime movie, please turn it on and refresh this page ] I made myself watch the archived video of the thesis presentation I gave yesterday afternoon, and it’s not as embarrassing as I’d expected, so I’m posting it for your amusement. There’s a full transcript after the jump, including the […]

Another reason to visit the Antipodes

(seeing Ampersand Duck being, of course, the first): (Via @thebookdesigner; cross-posted at Clusterflock)

To be fond of ; to like ; to have good will toward ; to delight in, with preëminent affection.

Love. Chronicle Books had only a dummy of the trade edition at BEA, but the book is out now. (Buy it through Indiebound.)

Wrong, all wrong!

The didn’t mention anything about how each character of the book is placed on the page using tweezers. Also? That guy at the 2:54 mark is really scary. (Via BoingBoing)

Hitler’s subtitler gets a cheap font CD

One of dozens of Downfall parody videos. If you’ve seen one, you’ve seen them all, but if you haven’t been subjected to them yet, you may find this instance amusing. Update, 4/26/2010: Sigh. Well, the video’s been pulled, so in its stead, I give you the EFF‘s own Downfall parody:

Weapons of mass respiration

Edith Kollath’s show is at Dam, Stuhltrager Gallery in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, until December 14. Read at NYC Resistor about the zany TSA adventure she had when she tried to take these books to Germany for a show. Via Bre Pettis, who made the above video.

Ed Rondthaler

Ed Rondthaler

House Industries is making a film about Ed Rondthaler, founder of Photo-Lettering, Inc., and they’ve posted a short video of him giving a presentation about the nuttiness of English spelling. I saw Mr. Rondthaler do this schtick at TypeCon a few years ago, and somewhere around here I have an entertaining tract that he wrote. […]

The Impotence of Proofreading

(via Making Light’s particle beam)