Book advertising

I’m not posting. I’m at work, and I’m working, of course. On a horror novel that’s eating my brain. But I thought you might be interested in the latest post by Copyranter, in which he turns his blazingly snarky spotlight on the banality of most book ads: Book Advertising. The Hackiest of the Hack. Rated […]

Georgette Heyer gets a new dress

I’m procrastinating on two (already overdue—why rush?) freelance projects by catching up on reading teh entire intarweb. It was thus that I saw Ampersand Duck’s two fascinating, awesome, very thoroughly illustrated posts about rebinding a beat-up Georgette Heyer novel: part 1, part 2. So. Very. Cool. Mistress Duck lives in Canberra, Australia, so if my […]


Dudes! The Chicago Manual of Style, 15th Edition (CD-ROM) is in stock! This is huge! I am a big fan of having all my reference books on the computer. It’s so much faster than thumbing through a big fat book, much as I enjoy looking at the big fat book in my leisure time. Note […]


Note today’s poem of the day over at the haiku site tinywords; it’s “fontographic,” as proprietor Dylan Tweney put it. If you like haiku, you can subscribe to have each day’s poem texted to your cell phone. (Or, fine, to your e-mail account, you luddite.) font-ku coined by tinywords commenter A.J. Aldcroft

From the Onion

Résumé Font Offends Employer More typography reportage from the Onion: Alpha-Bits Now Available In Serif Font (July 14, 2004) Helvetica Bold Oblique Sweeps Fontys (August 29, 2001) Corporation’s New Logo Changes Everything (September 8, 1999) Area Client Would Like A Different Font (July 29, 1998) Ünited Stätes Toughens Image With Umlauts (April 30, 1997) Fontly […]

A Production Point of View

Over on the suddenly very posty YPG blog, Shirley Chan, a production coordinator handling reprints at Penguin, explains some of the challenges of her job. I’d like to see more of this kind of thing. Unfortunately, the YPG blog does not seem to encourage discussion, but you’re welcome to discuss it here. . . .

Thinking Semantically

Sorry, I’ve forgotten what train of linkage led me to it, but More or less via LiveClever, here are two articles by Mark Boulton that are kind of on what I was mumbling about to Michelle last week: Semantic Typography: Bridging the XHTML gap Designers, Engage Your Brain[s] Another article worth checking out is his […]

Ultrasparky makes my heart sparkle!

How interesting it’s been checking out all the Web sites that have been linking in since I got Kottked a week ago, and how sad it’s been to see the line on my WordPress traffic graph slope back down toward its normal point of zero. But today, today, my obsessive checking-out of every site listed […]

Typographic Trivia

Here’s a little article that I must have read before—as I converted it from HTML to XHTML for John six or seven years ago—but had entirely forgotten. If you enjoy typographic trivia—and who doesn’t?—it may be just the lazy holiday afternoon silliness for you: Lost Things in the Garden of Type by John Tranter, 1997. […]

"Most Designers, Through No Fault of Their Own, Are Illiterate."

Or so my class was informed by a very good copyediting instructor, who I’m sure meant no especial disrespect. On some other day, I’d like to address why an editor might get this impression, but for now I’d just like to note that apparently Princeton Architectural Press shares this unflattering view.