One hour and eleven minutes of me trying not to swear

The awesome Laura Dawson invited me to do a webinar on the basics of book design, as part of a series for Bowker’s Our kindly hosts/co-presenters at Data Conversion Laboratory have posted a video of the session, so now you can follow along with bated breath as I try to remember not to say […]



For anyone who uses print-on-demand outfits such as, or who has been considering doing so, Cathi points out the following brilliance: “Dear Lulu” is a test book researched and produced by graphic design students and Prof. Frank Philippin at Hochschule Darmstadt, Germany, during an intensive two-day workshop with London-based designer James Goggin (Practise). The […]

metal type

MetaFilter Asks . . .

MeFi user Caduceus requests information about Changing technologies in book design? I’m looking for information about how new technologies have affected book design and typography. I’m particularly interested in the affects of computers and design software, but information about how things like Print on Demand and ebooks have changed the status quo of book design […]

Wouldn't you like to be a PODder, too?

Yay! I just received fellow DrawMonaut Elizabeth Perry‘s selected days: 2005, and not only am I looking forward to poring over the content, but also I’m very glad to have satisfied my curiosity about the printing. Because selected days is printed by online POD outfit, and I was very interested in seeing what the […]