New: Marginalia

New: Marginalia

I’ve added a sideblog to capture some of the things I come across in my daily lurking on the booktwitternet. It’s tucked in the middle of a lot of other junk right now, but when I have time, I’ll put it in its own sidebar. Should you wish to follow the sideblog via RSS, the […]

Search Engine Terms, 2/23/2008

Search Engine Terms, 2/23/2008

This makes me happy.

"India, Pixels" doesn't have much of a ring to it, sadly.

Okay, so, you know how I’m always talking about pretty things you can make out of dead trees? Well, how would you feel if I kind of maybe mixed that up with some stuff about the pretty things you can make out of living, blinking pixels? Because as of January 15, 2007, I’ll no longer […]

Now roosting with a flock near you

You may have noticed that I’ve been doing a lot of linking to posts over at the clusterflock MMGB. Well, rather like when the owners of the candy store that I used to visit every day on my way home from junior high school offered me a job, finally (I declined, on health grounds), the […]

DrawMo! launched

For those of you who haven’t been following the comments on the drawing thread, I’ve just set up a separate blog for DrawMo!. DrawMo! (”Draw Month” or “Draw More,” depending on your fancy) is a project whereby interested parties will try to post at least one drawing per day during the month of November 2006. […]

Borat? Is that you?

I apologize for being so. incredibly. boring. the last few weeks (or in general, esp. if you’re also subjected to me in nonblog contexts), but I must pop my head up out of the burrow for this: on my stats page, today, two visits from Kazakhstan?!? Are you kidding me? This is even better […]


Sorry for the lack of posts this week. You know how I was procrastinating for a while? Yeah, well, sometimes fake deadlines turn into real ones. I’ll be copyediting and typesetting interviews all this week. In the meantime, you can develop a sympathetic editorial cramp by contributing to the e-book booty-creation process over at Distributed […]


The procrastination continues apace! This post covers three things, all of which may bore the pants off you (which, depending on where you are when you’re reading this, could be exciting): (1) the XML feed, (2) affiliate links, (3) new! shorter! sidebar! If you don’t care about any of these things, go back to frolicking in the sun. […]

Ultrasparky makes my heart sparkle!

How interesting it’s been checking out all the Web sites that have been linking in since I got Kottked a week ago, and how sad it’s been to see the line on my WordPress traffic graph slope back down toward its normal point of zero. But today, today, my obsessive checking-out of every site listed […]

Study Questions

I have been shocked—shocked!—by the amount of interest in this post since it was written up on Usually when I talk about what I do, people are like, “Uh huh, that sounds really, um, interesting. So, do you design covers, too?” Covers are sexy; everybody notices book covers, even if they don’t read much; […]