The Americana

I’m working on another Flickr set of public domain images—this time, ones from The Americana: A Universal Reference Library Comprising the Arts and Sciences, Literature, History, Biography, Geography, Commerce, etc., of the World, Vol. 21 (Triennial Act–Vivianite), edited by Frederick Converse Beach (New York: Scientific American Compiling Department, 1912). Extracted, cleaned up (as best I […]

The first time a bong has appeared on Nextbook?

The first time a bong has appeared on Nextbook?

The lovely Vanessa Davis has drawn a three-page comic for to celebrate Purim. You do not need to know much about Purim to know that this is awesome.

Another sliver of history

I’ve been working on cleaning up another set of public domain images and posting them to Flickr, and my plan was to unveil them all at once when I’d accumulated a nice, fat stack comparable to this earlier collection. I’m really, really busy this month, however, and I’m afraid I won’t get back to this […]

Who you gonna call?

I’ve been swooning over Matthew Woodson’s work at for months, so when a story landed on my desk that actually involved a ghost, I knew whom I wanted to ask to illustrate it. I love the simultaneous attacking/comforting embrace of this ghost, as well as the little details like the texture of his hair […]

My friend, the Wizard

My friend, the Wizard

My friend and fellow club member Eric Skillman, an associate art director at the Criterion Collection, has been interviewed over at They’re rather in need of a proofreader, but Eric’s intelligence and charm nevertheless come through. For example I’m looking over the DVD’s on my desk —[Aikira Kurosawa’s] “Drunken Angel”, which is one we […]

A thin slice of history

I was looking for a particular image (which I did not find) on Google Books last week, and I stumbled across this fabulous tome: English Literature: An Illustrated Record in Four Volumes. Volume II: From the Age of Henry VIII to the Age of Milton. Part II, by Richard Garnett and Edmund Gosse (New York: […]

Rhinestones and Pickles

Tuesday’s story by Jessica Apple about her wacky-wonderful grandma required a wacky-wonderful illustration. And who better to do that, I thought, than Martha Rich, whose daily paintings at Freedom Wig are so . . . well . . . you just have to go look at them. I’d been wanting to hire Martha for months, […]

Toast the new year with bubbly!

Happy New Year! Here at my office, we’re celebrating with fizz, per tradition: our first story of 2008 is about seltzer. Today’s illustration is by the delightful Vanessa Davis. I had to crop her drawing closely to fit it on our home page—and, of course, there’s that nasty brown stripe with the type over it—so […]

All illustration, all the time

Happy Hanukkah! I hope you’re not getting sick of all these posts about illustrations, because I’ve got a whole week’s worth to crow about, and not a whole lot else. is publishing a story about Hanukkah on each day of the holiday, and we decided to (a) get each one of them illustrated, and […]

Hot Hahn

Through the magic of technology, even though I am "on vacation" I can happily inform you that today Nextbook posted this hot new illustration by Samantha Hahn, proprietress of the blog Maquette and frequent guest on Moldawer in the Morning, the Moldawer in question being her husband. Do go look at the version on the […]