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Sanskit grammar

Kevin Pease of Designrants points out the following excellent opportunity—which, oddly, he doesn’t wish to take!—for an up-and-coming type designer to make a few bucks and gain some experience for his or her résumé:

The project is for outputing a variant Typeface from an existing open source Typeface, where the variant is replacing only 1 alphabet (upper,lower case, basic and italic) and putting a sanskrit alphabet (upper,lower case, basic and italic) that will have to be designed.

. . .

The budget is about $100 via Paypal, Moneybookers. Delivery for early/mid-next week.

Um, I don’t know much about designing typefaces, and nothing about Sanskrit, but that sounds . . . how shall I put it? . . . extremely challenging. Still, if you’re really hard up for cash and selling your spinal fluid isn’t working out for you, perhaps this is your dream project. If so, see Kevin’s post for more details!

Via Ultrasparky.

Picky, picky

Dunwell Sushi sign

Yesterday afternoon, I ran into a fellow designer who was chatting on the street with a friend who works in the kitchen at a high-end restaurant known for its sushi. As I walked up, my friend informed me that the chef had just popped the “So, do you pick the fonts?” question, and the chef continued a little defensively, upon being informed that I, too, use those crazy font things, “Well, I have a couple of friends who’re designers, and some of them are really picky about fonts.”

In typical slow-witted form, not until today did I think of the proper response, which would have been to say that I’d heard that there are some sushi chefs who are really picky about fish.

(Photo by unsure shot / Karen. Some rights reserved.)