How and When to Wear a Tuxedo Wrapper

A very fine resource got written up on the Craft: blog the other day, and I expected to see it all over the interdesignweb within hours. Since such ubiquitization does not yet seem to have occurred, I hereby draw your attention to the Indiana University Libraries’ photolicious Making a [Casebound] Book. This article is just […]

Designery People, Take Note:

Ampersand Duck has put up a pithy post about planning a printed publication, which is addressed to “aspiring artists and performers”—e.g., your friends and mine, who’re often asking if we can just help them design this little tiny promotional card or booklet or brochure, and then sticking us with an impossible deadline and budget, as […]


Here is a short-run signed gift edition whose case stamp (right foreground) I got to design (I did the interior, too; not worth showing). The vermilion endsheets, as you can see, are the best part. The headbands have yellow and white stripes. The red pigment on the title is deeper and more lacquerlike than it […]

Wouldn't you like to be a PODder, too?

Yay! I just received fellow DrawMonaut Elizabeth Perry‘s selected days: 2005, and not only am I looking forward to poring over the content, but also I’m very glad to have satisfied my curiosity about the printing. Because selected days is printed by online POD outfit, and I was very interested in seeing what the […]

Bindings! Ahoy!

Man, oh, man. Sheila (“my” Sheila?) just pointed Cooper Renner to a page of book bindings at A Caballo Artes del Libro, who got them from the Guild of Book Workers 100th Anniversary Exhibition site. The Billy Budd one. By Jerilyn Glenn Davis. I’m in love with it. Farmers by Sarah Creighton is also very […]

Georgette Heyer gets a new dress

I’m procrastinating on two (already overdue—why rush?) freelance projects by catching up on reading teh entire intarweb. It was thus that I saw Ampersand Duck’s two fascinating, awesome, very thoroughly illustrated posts about rebinding a beat-up Georgette Heyer novel: part 1, part 2. So. Very. Cool. Mistress Duck lives in Canberra, Australia, so if my […]

Beautiful Bindings

Beautiful Bindings

If you were at all interested in the recent posts about bindings—or if you just like to look at pretty things—do visit the University of Rochester’s exhibit Beauty for Commerce: 1890–1910: This exhibit chronicles the growth of English and American publishers’ binding from its infancy in the 1830s to its decline in the early 20th […]

A Hard Case

Update: Now, with pictures! All right, kids. You like details? Here are some details. Pick up three hardcover books, preferably from different publishers, and remove the dust jackets. Look at the spines. Do you see the title, author, and publisher’s name or logo stamped on each spine in metallic foil? Probably. Are the colors of […]