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Another beauty

Here’s another lovely piece by Kirsten Harper, who illustrated “Duet” for us a couple of weeks ago. The version on the home page is stripped down and cropped. Do visit the story page to see the whole thing. Today, I’m looking at stock illustration sites, for a story that’s to run on Friday for which […]

A nice thing about illustrations

is that they don’t have to be rectilinear. This lovely piece, illustrating a short story by Stacey Richter, is by Kirsten Harper, to whom I was referred by last week’s artist, Aaron Artessa. Go see it on the home page, too—it may be there only until Thursday, though of course I hope longerarchived at Flickr.

Baby's First Commissioned Illustration

After all my whining and demanding of assistance, I’m sure you’ll be relieved to know that I finally commissioned my first illustration, and it is now online, live, in brilliant RGB: on the home page (with cramped hed and dek type by me) in the article (as Aaron intended it; the article it illustrates is […]

The rock I've been under

The rock I've been under

In case you’re wondering where in tarnation I’ve been, the answer is “chained to my desk.” Man, this whole “job” thing is really cutting into my blogging time. For a while there, I was cranking out a shocking quantity of ads and posters and booklets and thumbnails and Quicktime clips. Now our two “festivals of […]

An illustration project unfolds

An illustration project unfolds

Art director–turned–illustrator Penelope Dullaghan, whose name I previously knew only from Illustration Friday, has a series of five posts up at’s Notes on Design blog about The Unfolding of an Illustration Project. So the way it starts is usually with your assignment. And you get this little sensation in the back of your brain […]

Excuse me—which way is the art at?

And speaking of directing art, tell me your trade secrets! Where do you go to find free or nonspendy photographs? How do you get ideas for photographs to illustrate stories that are, let’s say, totally and completely nonvisual? Are there tricks you use when you’re wholly uninspired? How do you find that photo that you […]

What does an “art director” do?

Beats me. I’ve never worked with one in my life, but now this is my job title, so I’m trying to figure it out. What do you think it means? My job so far seems to break down as follows: 60 percent art wrangling, for print and Web. This includes photo research, chasing down permissions, […]