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Rhinestones and Pickles

Tuesday’s story by Jessica Apple about her wacky-wonderful grandma required a wacky-wonderful illustration. And who better to do that, I thought, than Martha Rich, whose daily paintings at Freedom Wig are so . . . well . . . you just have to go look at them. I’d been wanting to hire Martha for months, […]

Toast the new year with bubbly!

Happy New Year! Here at my office, we’re celebrating with fizz, per tradition: our first story of 2008 is about seltzer. Today’s illustration is by the delightful Vanessa Davis. I had to crop her drawing closely to fit it on our home page—and, of course, there’s that nasty brown stripe with the type over it—so […]

All illustration, all the time

Happy Hanukkah! I hope you’re not getting sick of all these posts about illustrations, because I’ve got a whole week’s worth to crow about, and not a whole lot else. is publishing a story about Hanukkah on each day of the holiday, and we decided to (a) get each one of them illustrated, and […]

Hot Hahn

Through the magic of technology, even though I am "on vacation" I can happily inform you that today Nextbook posted this hot new illustration by Samantha Hahn, proprietress of the blog Maquette and frequent guest on Moldawer in the Morning, the Moldawer in question being her husband. Do go look at the version on the […]

Mr. Sunshine

I was sick of posting the same two grumpy headshots of Shalom Auslander, who has a column on and whom we feature pretty often, so I asked the valiant Aaron Artessa, who made such a lovely silk purse out of the sow’s-ear photos I sent him of Leonard Michaels, to draw us a grumpy […]

Nose Job

Vanessa Davis did this illustration for us months ago, and then the story got pushed to November for some reason. But then today’s story wasn’t ready in time, so at the last minute, the editors swapped this one in. I’m so glad it’s finally up! I really liked the preliminary sketch for this and couldn’t […]

Those Park Slope Strollers

Now playing, on an Interweb near you: another piece by the delightful Vanessa Davis. To see it uncropped and without my added headline box, visit the story page: Fertility Rites. It’ll stay on the home page until Thursday morning.

Creepaway Camp

Back when I was first asking y’all about how you find illustrators, I stumbled across, a cool portfolio site with some handy art direction tools built in. I signed up, and since then I’ve made a lot of folders in my illoz account, with lots of samples by people whose work I like. But […]

Zina Saunders draws (out) art directors

Zina Saunders draws (out) art directors

What I liked about art directing, was that I love working with people and I love pulling strings and love finding artists. And I always liked typography, even though I wasn’t a great typographer. See, an art director can do it all. You can be an editor, you can be a designer, you can be […]

The lazy days of summer

I am so lazy that even though I knew for months that today’s story was in the works, and that the editors kind of wanted an illustration, I didn’t ever get around to commissioning one. Well, also, in my defense, (a) I rarely know what the podcasts are really about before they’re posted—the final edit […]