Mr. Sunshine home page, October 8, 2007: Shalom Auslander

I was sick of posting the same two grumpy headshots of Shalom Auslander, who has a column on and whom we feature pretty often, so I asked the valiant Aaron Artessa, who made such a lovely silk purse out of the sow’s-ear photos I sent him of Leonard Michaels, to draw us a grumpy illustration to accompany a podcast about Auslander’s new book, The Foreskin’s Lament. I love the little black rain cloud, which of course makes me think of Pooh. You know—wrath of God, Pooh, same thing.

If you don’t understand why Auslander has a rain cloud over his head, go listen to our podcast (where you can also see the illustration somewhat bigger) or watch the trailer for his book.

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