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Ask the copy desk

Ask the copy desk

Last week my friend James sent me a link to a New York Times piece from March 6, 2007: Talk to the Newsroom: Director of Copy Desks Merrill Perlman. I didn’t get to look at it until now, and wow, is it long—thirteen pages. Interesting, but long. And because it’s a series of Q&As, written […]

Extracurricular Activities

Extracurricular Activities

Yesterday when I asked, “What does an ‘art director’ do?” Erin replied, “I dunno, exactly, but I do know they have a club!” To which I replied, in turn, “Those directors, and their clubs!” Then, after work, I went out to have some beers with my club. Which brings on this public service announcement: People, […]

Excuse me—which way is the art at?

And speaking of directing art, tell me your trade secrets! Where do you go to find free or nonspendy photographs? How do you get ideas for photographs to illustrate stories that are, let’s say, totally and completely nonvisual? Are there tricks you use when you’re wholly uninspired? How do you find that photo that you […]

What does an “art director” do?

Beats me. I’ve never worked with one in my life, but now this is my job title, so I’m trying to figure it out. What do you think it means? My job so far seems to break down as follows: 60 percent art wrangling, for print and Web. This includes photo research, chasing down permissions, […]

Get What You're Worth

“Senior page monkey” Schizohedron has written an excellent post called Tips for Fair Workplace Compensation. It’s not specific to the design industry at all, but I suspect this is something a lot of (so-called) creative workers are especially bad at, as we like to think that our jobs are more fun than other people’s. Dude, […]