If anyone's still at a loss as to what to get me

for Ramakwanzachanamas, let me just give you a hint: 12-inch, orange. The poor little guy needs to be reunited with his family!


(Via Awesome!)

On a more intellectual note (I like to keep the tone high around here, as you know), my friend Sarah G-P just redirected me to Eve Corbel’s Lesser-Known Editing and Proofreading Marks, which I’d seen before but forgotten.

8 thoughts on “If anyone's still at a loss as to what to get me

  1. Hi India! Just wanted to wish you a merry christmas! Tonight is the night we celebrate here in Norway. (Presents and all, so it’s busy but fun.) Have fun!

    Best, Elisabeth

  2. I saw someone had made that into an animated icon on LiveJournal, I didn’t know where it came from.

    Merry Christmas! (Wait, I don’t recall if you ever specified you’re Christian. . .) Um, blessings from the deity of your choice during the winter months! :-P

    Apparently, we’ve got tor-nad-ers down here in Daytona. . .and James Brown died. And it’s the 1-year anniversary of our hometown serial killer. Death and destruction all over 1A!! :-D

  3. Thanks, Denise. Merry Christmas to you, too!

    (For the record, I’m a bona fide Pinko–New Yorko–agnostic with no religious education besides attending some Quaker youth programs and once having been lucky enough to possess a Plagues of Egypt Viewmaster reel. Oh, how I wish I still had that!)

  4. Ah, commie pinko New Yorkers. I used to be one, until I came South and someone fed me a sweet potato with brown sugar on it. . .haven’t been the same since. :-)

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