Be the belle-vetica of the ball

Or, perhaps, the Monotype Bell[e]?

The brilliant Erin of A Dress A Day has pointed out some aggressively textual textiles for sale on eBay (and, presumably, elsewhere).

Font Fabric

She’s made a circle skirt of this already, and is considering making a dress with numbered fabric for the trim. What else can you see being made out of this? Me, I’m thinking that the nasty side chair in my office desperately needs reupholstering. And then I might make some Scrabble™-style throw pillows. What other typefaces would you like to see made into fabric? Some of the Emigre patterns, perhaps? Got any rug ideas?

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6 thoughts on “Be the belle-vetica of the ball

  1. Oh my god, what DON’T I want made of this fabric?! I’d be tempted to ask for a suit, but then I might look like a nerdy Batman villain. So maybe jut sassy pillowcases? What I really want, though, is some Cooper Black.

  2. I’m sure I’ve seen fabric printed with Cooper Black, at some point in my life. In fact, it may be Cooper Black that was used on the knit fabric printed all over with the word “T-SHIRT” . . . which I made into a dress, of course. The dress is no longer in my possession, but I think I have a remnant packed away somewhere.

  3. Ooh, I could really use some Emigre fonts as printed fabric (or their allover designs, like the giftwrap they already do).

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